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Social Story - Going Swimming

As an inclusive swim school we want to make sure that swimming is accessible to all children.  I hope this social story helps to ease any of those nerves your child has before coming swimming. 

When I go to swimming lessons I arrive at the swimming pool

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 20.07_edited.jpg

This is what the pool looks like


I will need to wear my swimming costume

Swimming Trunks_edited.jpg

My teacher's name is Michelle


Michelle will help me move my arms and legs in the water


I will learn how to blow bubbles in the water

Picture 2.jpg

I will learn to wear goggles so that I can see underwater

Picture 3.jpg

Everyone has fun in the water

AdobeStock_382985011 (1).jpeg

There will be other people in the water learning how to swim too

Picture 4.jpg

After the lesson I will go to the changing room to get changed before going home

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 22.13_edited.jpg
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