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frequently asked questions

Any questions,  I am sure you will find your answers below.  But, in case you need further assistance, feel free to contact me anytime!

How do I book lessons?

All lessons can be booked via or there is access to booking on the home page 

Can I have a free trial lesson?

Yes, all lessons are available with one free trial session, just to check you and your child are happy with the lessons.

How does payment work?

There are 2 ways to pay.  The first is via a monthly direct debit.  This is taken on the first day of the month and is worked out across 12 months.  This means that you will be paying less a month but you do pay when we are on holiday.  The amount for one child is £46.04 a month, this is for 43 weeks worth of lessons.  The individual lesson price is £12.85.

The second way to pay is via a block booking for the full term.  This is worked out at a lesson price of £12.85.

There is also a one-off joining fee for group classes of £20.00 which covers certificates, awards, badges and helps cover toys and is non-refundable.

Private 1-2-1 classes are £30.00 for a half hour lesson, for siblings or two children, this is £35 for a half hour lesson.  These are paid monthly in advance.

What happens if I need to cancel?

I understand circumstances change and I will also do whatever I can to keep your child enjoying their lessons.  However, if you need to cancel you can send me an email on and I will arrange cancellation of the direct debit.  Thirty days’ notice from your next Direct Debit date is required, in practice this means that your next direct debit will always be taken, even if this is when we are on holiday.

For block bookings, no refunds are available upon cancellation.

For private 1-2-1 bookings no refunds are available upon cancellation.

The only exception to this is when I recommend that your little one moves to a larger pool.

Do you have a sibling discount?

Yes, there is a 5% sibling discount available for group classes.

Are your classes suitable for SEND children?

Group lessons are based on 4-6 children per class and do require children to have the capability to be independent in the water and be able to take instruction.

I also offer private 1-2-1 lessons.

I am Autism Swim trained, for example, I regularly use visual aids in my teaching in group and private classes.

Do parents go into the water?

No, all classes are children only.  This is great to encourage your child's independence and also great if you have other children as no childcare is required.

It's my first swimming lesson, what do we do?

I will have sent you an email with details of the pool.  You can also go to First Day - What to Expect which shows a video of Nairn Hydrotherapy pool and how it all works.  There are also social stories available on this website which may help too.

Are catch-up classes available?

 Yes, if your child is ill or not able to attend a class please email on and I will always try to find a catch-up class that you can attend.  This is obviously not always possible.

Does my child need arm discs or goggles?

 All equipment including arm discs, noodles, toys etc. are supplied.

If your child is in a Little Splasher's class or a Beginners class goggles are not required.  If in an Intermediate or Intermediate Level 2 class they would be required, although we always have some available.

What is your advice on buying goggles?

. When your swim star first starts swimming, so for the beginner classes and little splashers classes there is no need for them to wear goggles, they can of course if they want to. But it is also good for them to learn to become comfortable with water on their face. Once they start to go underwater more often it is good for them to have goggles as it does give them confidence and protects their eyes.

. There are lots of different goggles on the market, some have adjustable nose bars, some are moulded in one. I think the best bet is to include your swim star in buying them, so find out what colour or design they like, they then will be excited about wearing them. I have noticed that Zoggs and Speedo offer good choices, the Zoggs for kids, Super Seal or Phantom are good. STA who I qualified with have an agreement with Zoggs you can get 15% off all ZOGGS swimgear - Simply use code STAPARTNER at checkout.

. Finally, I do think the trick is to practice putting them on when you are home and before your swim star uses them at the pool. Perhaps even wearing them in the bath or shower and practice sealing them and blowing bubbles underwater checking they don’t let water in.

How long is a swimming lesson?

All lessons are 30 minutes long.

How can I change my lesson time?

Just pop me an email on and I will see what I can do.

Will my child receive certificates?

Yes, certificates and badges are given out twice a year, in June and December.

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