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Child Centred

Your child is at the centre of our classes and we will always make the best decision for your child in partnership with yourself.  This may mean that they have their own individual goals rather than following the STA Learn to Swim programme.  We treat everyone as their own unique self!

Small Class Sizes

Class Sizes are small, for the Little Splashers classes, at the most it is 5 in a class.  For the other classes it is at the most 6 children.

Payment monthly or by block booking

You can chose to spread the payments over the year and pay monthly by direct debit, this reduces the monthly payment.  You also have the option to pay for a block of lessons in one-go.

Teachers in the water

Teaching takes place with a teacher in the water

Private Lessons

As well as group classes, we also realise the value of private lessons and offer these as well.

Learning through play

Our classes are always full of games or imaginative play that teach swim skills at the same time, for example movement through the water, floating or even talking to the fishes to practice breathing.

Catch-up Classes available

As our class sizes are small we do try to offer catch-up classes where we can if your little star misses a class due to illness or holiday.  However, if you cannot make the class we offer we cannot offer another day or time. 


We realise that every child is different and we embrace those differences and treat everyone equally.   We adapt classes to ensure we are being inclusive and we are Autism Swim certified.

Developmental appropriate


We offer a swim pathway through the class structure.  We also ensure there is progression within the class, for example, some maybe swimming with noodles, others floats.

Lessons include Water Safety

Water Safety is at the heart of all our classes.  We regularly ask water safety questions at the start of the classes and regularly have classes totally focussed on water safety.  Children maybe asked to come in their PJs for these classes.

Twice a year Certificates, badges and reports awarded

Twice a year at the end of the Summer Term and at Christmas, certificates, awards and reports will be presented to all our swim stars. 

Michelle's shining star, the swimmer of the month

Every month we award a swimmer of the month, 'Michelle's Shining Star,' with their own certificate. 

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